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MOU signed with DTI!
CNEX-Global BV in The Netherlands and Dansk Teknologisk Institut in Denmark have entered a MOU to cooperate in the field of Ex-certifications.
The MOU will expand the certification possibilities of both ATEX Notified Bodies and it connects the Scandinavian market with the Chinese market for Ex-products.
Furthermore, it gives Scandinavian Ex-manufacturers a direct route to the mandatory China-Ex certifications.

The industries we serve


CNEX-Global B.V. serves the manufacturing industries which make the products that keep people safe, when they have to work in areas where a gas (or dust) explosion hazard can be present.

These products can (for example) be used in the:

- Mining industry

- Oil and Gas industries (onshore and offshore)

- Food industry

- Chemical industry

- Agricultural industry

- Pharmaceutical industry 

Whether it is a stopping plug, a gas detector or a flameproof motor, every installed Ex-product must be explosion safe in order to protect people.That is the responsibility of the Ex-product manufacturer AND of the product certifying agency.

At CNEX-Global B.V., we help manufacturers to keep people safe.

How we serve you


CNEX-Global B.V. provides you with the best one-stop solutions for your Ex-products, including IECEx and ATEX certificates, and CNEx certificates for China.

CNEX-Global employees are all experienced experts. We support you in getting your products to market in the shortest possible period anywhere in the world.


We understand the importance for you to gain conformity in as short a time as possible at a price which gives you real value for money.  That is why we will work with you as a team to help you achieve your goals.

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