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MOU signed with DTI!
CNEX-Global BV in The Netherlands and Dansk Teknologisk Institut in Denmark have entered a MOU to cooperate in the field of Ex-certifications.
The MOU will expand the certification possibilities of both ATEX Notified Bodies and it connects the Scandinavian market with the Chinese market for Ex-products.
Furthermore, it gives Scandinavian Ex-manufacturers a direct route to the mandatory China-Ex certifications.

Feedback, Complaints and Appeals


At CNEX-Global B.V., we take any feedback from our clients seriously, because they give us the chance to improve our processes, correct our mistakes and ensure the continued confidence of our clients. Therefore, we welcome any feedback from our clients, both positive and negative.




Receiving a complaint from a client is an opportunity for improvement.If ever you should have an unsatisfactory impression or experience that you may have encountered in your dealings with CNEX-Global B.V., please do not hesitate to contact me directly, at any time.

(Tel.: +31 6 8332 2003, Email:




In case a client does not agree with the service provided, a certification decision or the outcome of a test, the client can appeal to the management CNEX-Global B.V. If the issue is then still not resolved to the client’s satisfaction, the client can appeal to our Certification Committee. The Certification Committee is a panel which is independent of the CNEx/CQST/CNEX-Global organizations and will review the issue and make the final decision.



IECEx related appeals

For any work associated with IECEx, if the client is unsatisfied with the outcome of the CNEX-Global B.V. appeals process, the client has the right to appeal to IECEx. The IECEx Appeals process is detailed in IECEx OD 02. Where the IECEx appeals process does not resolve the complaint or appeal the complainant may refer the matter to the IEC Conformity Assessment Board whose decision is final.



ZBO related appeals

For any legal appeals related to the activities of CNEX-Global B.V. as 'ZBO'(quasi nongovernmental organisation, or ‘QUANGO'), the appeal will be handled in accordance with the AWB (General Administrative Law Act, 'GALA') chapter 9 on Complaint handling. Legal appeals against a certification decision will be handled in accordance with the AWB (General Administrative Law Act, 'GALA') chapters 6 and 7.



At CNEX-Global B.V.,we will do our utmost to correct the issue in the fastest way possible to your complete satisfaction. In our Terms and Conditions document you can find more details about our Complaint and Appeal handling process.